Monero Mminer Hardware XMR Randomx

Monero Pool mining Hardware ready to go

Help / FAQ

Mminer is concepted as Plug & play hardware

1. Safety first
2. Connect LAN cable (DHCP on)
2.1 Connect Power Supply on Mminer hardware Front Side AC/DC input (X5) or 4PIN input (X7)
2.2 Connect Power Supply on AC/DC Adapter

Info: After power supplyment Mminer goes on automaticly and DHCP Client is on

For Hardware Mining config:
open on browser http://MinerIPaddres/config

For Hardware mining Log status:
open on browser http://MinerIPAddress:8080

For Hardware Hashrate Live Tracking:
1. open on browser http://MinerIPaddress
 1.2 click Add button Top right corner
 1.3 On popup config add your miner Endpoint:
   Hashrate Endpoint: http://MinerIPaddress:9002
1. Connect LAN Cable
2. Connect Power Supply on Mminer hardware
3. Connect Power Supply on AC/DC Adapter
4. Look on your local Network (router) for Hostname Mminer-XXXX
4.1 get the local network IP from your Mminer from your router
5. open on browser the configuration GUI


default password: admin

2. open on your browser

set your config Password

login to change config
open on your Browser

2. login with your config password
3. set your Prefered Pool Stratum link for mining
4. set your prefered Pool Stratum port for mining
5. Set your XMR Address for mining
6. Double check your Configuration
7. Click SAVE


you can change any time your configuration for any other pool or XMR Address. The change would effect in live to the hardware !

1. open in your Browser

2. logs would stream in live, you dont need refresh (auto refresh)